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Keyboard Player of The Damned

Monty Oxymoron
Musician / Keyboardist of The Damned

Monty Oxymoron - photo by Russ Kirby
Photo: Russ Kirby
Monty Oxymoron (Laurence Burrow): Musician, Performer, Singer Songwriter, Musical Adventurer

Monty Oxymoron (best known as keyboard player with progressive Punk Rock band the Damned), is a multi-instrumentalist whose musical range is as diverse as the instruments he plays: piano, organ, keyboards, drums, guitar, bass guitar, clarinet, marimba, all kinds of hand percussion…he has also been known to play objects not designed as musical instruments! This diversity is amply displayed on his BandCamp site and his YouTube channel. There, British Psychedelia and Prog Rock (Canterbury style) rub shoulders with Punk and New Wave, Ambient, Classical and Jazz styles (both compositions and free improvisation). Monty is also a writer, an artist, a trained Art Psychotherapist and a Psychiatric Nurse specialising in Dementia Care awareness, Person Centred Care and care plan design.

Monty Oxymoron - photo by Russ Kirby Monty Oxymoron - photo by Russ Kirby Monty Oxymoron - photo by Russ Kirby

Photos: Russ Kirby

Monty has worked with:

  • Dr Space Toad Experience
  • Sumerian Kyngs
  • Captain Sensible's "Punk Floyd"
  • The Damned
  • Rod Paton
  • Dee Byrne
  • Tim Burness
  • The Vitamin B12
  • Quotes:

    "Monty is the Damned’s secret weapon!" - Charlie Harper

    "In came the maniacal keyboard skills of the inimitable Monty Oxymoron. Monty’s wired antics and irrepressible energy added another dimension to the band’s stage shows." - Peter Doggett (notes from "Tikki Nightmare" DVD, 2002)

    "...a brilliant performer with a cartoon like persona... he combines frantic energy with his obvious love of playing, blending together the archetypes of mad scientist, nutty professor, nineteenth century genius and cartoon punk." - Andrew Phillip Smith - (from the foreword to Monty's "The Cosmic Brain Explodes" 2021)

    "Monty Oxymoron is a trued English eccentric, a criminally under-sung musical treasure and keeper of essential underground activities." - Daniel Spicer 2021 (See "More About Monty")

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    Monty Oxymoron - Music

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    Monty Oxymoron - Discography

    Most of Monty's releases are available through Bandcamp

    Visions of the Ecstasy Aunt (2010)
    Available at Bandcamp

    Mad Hatti's Reunion With Paradise (2007)
    Available at Bandcamp

    Living My Life Backwards (2005)
    Limited Release
    Available at Bandcamp

    18 Symptoms of Musical Insanity (2005)
    as Monty the Moron
    Bendi Records

    Tales from the Second Attic (1985)
    as Monty the Moron
    Acid Tapes
    Available at Bandcamp

    Tune into Channel Z (1984)
    as Monty the Moron
    Acid Tapes
    Available at Bandcamp

    Acorn Beer and Chestnut Wine (1984)
    as Monty the Moron
    Acid Tapes
    Available at Bandcamp

    Danger Monty At Work (1984)
    as Monty the Moron
    Acid Tapes
    Available at Bandcamp

    Monty Oxymoron - photo by Russ Kirby
    Photo: Russ Kirby


    Darkadelic 2023
    CD/Vinyl e.a.r. Music EDEL

    A Night of a Thousand Vampires (2022)
    CD/BluRay e.a.r Music

    The Rockfield Files (2020)
    Spinefarm Vinyl EP

    Evil Spirits (2018)
    Spinefarm Records

    35th Anniversary Tour Live (2012)
    4worlds Media

    Nation Fit For Heroes/Time (2008)
    (Vinyl single on The English Channel)

    So Who's Paranoid? (2008)
    (Monty wrote "Nature's Dark Passion" and
    "Since I Met You" on this album)
    The English Channel

    The Damned Return To The 100 Club (2007)

    Little Miss Disaster (2005)
    Lively Arts

    Grave Disorder (2001)
    Nitro Records

    Monty Oxymoron with The Damned - photo by Violet Black
    With The Damned - Photo: Violet Black


    A Night of a Thousand Vampires (2022)
    CD/BluRay e.a.r Music

    M.G.E.25 (2005)
    ILC Music

    Tiki Nightmare (2002)
    Salvo Sound & Vision


    Interconnected - Tim Burness (2018)
    Bandcamp (Electric Energy Video on YouTube)

    Portobello Shuffle (Pink Fairies Tribute CD) (2010)
    Track 7 "Say You Love Me"
    (with Cpt. Sensible - Monty played drums)

    The Madcap Laughs Again! (2010)
    Track 7 "Octopus" (with Cpt. Sensible)
    Free with MOJO Magazine March 2010

    This is Bon Bon - Gilly Bloodaxe (2010)
    with Tony Gill, Adrian Newton and Geoffe Hearne

    Vision On - Tim Burness (2007)
    Expanding Consciousness

    Finding New Ways To Love - Tim Burness (2004)
    Expanding Consciousness

    Mad Cows and Englishmen - Captain Sensible (1996)
    Scratch Records

    Time Machine - The Dr. Spacetoad Experience (1996)

    Monty Oxymoron - Writing

    Monty's Substack (as Laurence Burrow)

    Monty writes some thoughts on the state of nursing in
    “Is Nursing an 'Impossible Profession' today?” (July 2023)

    Monty's book, a Neo-gnostic treatise on the Eternal Truth, is now available from most bookshops (ISBN-10 : 190683444X ISBN-13 : 978-1906834449) including and elsewhere.

    Monty's book: The Cosmic Brain Explodes

    Monty Oxymoron - Digital Art

    Monty Oxymoron - Photos

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    Monty Oxymoron On The Web

    The Damned Official Website

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    Please do not email Monty about matters relating to The Damned (autographs etc). He cannot help you with this. Instead for all queries relating to The Damned please email

    Monty currently resides in Brighton (UK). But he travels to wherever his services are needed. To prevent Monty's email address getting picked up by spam bots and getting overrun with junk his email address is not listed on this page but can be found via this contact form